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Best Polka Songs – Top 19

Polka music is fun and requires a specific talent and knowledge to be able to dance to the music.  We would recommend taking polka dance lessons from a friend or professional to learn the dance of the polka.  In addition, there are different styles of polka.  If you are new to polka, we would suggest to listen to one artist in particular – the king of Polka – Frank Yankovic.  His music defines the polka genre.  We would make a bold statement by saying there is one particular song that defines and is most recognized by the vast majority of the public – The Beer Barrel Polka.  Everyone knows to – roll out the barrel ’cause we’re gonna have a barrel of fun.

Babe Wagner – Doghouse Polka
Bob Crosby – Hop-Scotch Polka
Bobby Vinton – Beer Barrel Polka
Frank Yankovic – In Heaven There Is No Beer
Frank Yankovic – Just Because
Frankie Yankovic – Let’s Have A Party
Frankie Yankovic – Pennsylvania Polka
Frankie Yankovic – Too Fat Polka
Frankie Yankovic – Hoop-Dee-Doo
Frankie Yankovic – I’m Gonna Get A Dummy
Jimmy Dorsey – Clarinet Polka
Jimmy Dorsey – Helena Polka
Jimmy Dorsey – Licorice Stick Polka
Jimmy Sturr – Blue Skirt Waltz
Osborne Brothers – Orange Blossom Special
The Babe Wagner Band – On Your Toes
The Emeralds – The Bird Dance
Walt Solek – Hey, Hey Farmer Gray
Walt Solek – What Do I Care?
If you are planning an event and trying to decide what the best polka songs to play at the event, we would suggest starting with one cd.  The cd is named Polka – 16 Most Requested Songs.  The link to view the cd on Amazon is above, above Blue Skirt Waltz.  Most of the songs on the cd will get you though any event.  If you are having an event with all polka music, there is an online polka radio station.  Google them and they will help you further.
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